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Welcome to ER Dispatch!
ERDispatch is the next generation Computer Aided Dispatch solution you have been waiting for!

Harnessing the best in breed technologies, ERDispatch has revolutionized how Emergency Service providers stay in contact with each other and the incident.



Get the latest information PUSH'ed to you when it becomes available. No more need to constantly check for updates, and use up precious bandwidth.

User Driven

End users configure their own accounts.

For everyone

Notifications and Updates can be sent by any kind of device. No need for a Smart Phone! (SMS, Email, an Google Talk)

What does ERDispatch do?

Features of ER Dispatch

Cross platform web based application that provides realtime notifications for service personnel

  • Push Technology
  • 2 Way communication (No one gets left behind)
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Apperatus Status
  • Online Profiles
  • ... and a whole lot more!

Mobile App

Recieving text messages and Responding to incidents, on a feature phone works great, but to get the most out of ER Dispatch, a smart phone is recommened

  • Web based ( apps coming soon )
  • Push Technology. No constant pooling of data, that uses up your data plan
  • 2 Way communication (No one gets left behind)
  • View Optimized Rip And Run (Updates are labled to easier viewing of updating information) - Full R&R is bellow
  • Inventory Tracking (so you know what equipment is "Out of Service" before you get on the truck
  • Apperatus Status (Which truck got out the door)
  • Real-Time GPS tracking of personal and apperatus (YES, in a mobile webpage... awesome right!)
  • Instant Direction. No need to enter an address. During an incident, simply view the map. Its that easy
  • Company Calendar
  • RSS Incident Feed (great if you want to display a feed of all past incidents on your home screen (Android Only)
  • ... and new features added everyday!

With ERDispatch, we improved response personnel and time to on sceen by over 50%

Fire Chief 331, John Smith

Mobile Shots

Welcome to ER Dispatch!